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Fundraising Tips

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1. Who to ask

You know a lot of people probably more than you think! Reach out to everyone you know: coworkers, classmates, family and friends, and ask them to make a gift to your fundraising page. You’ll be amazed at who will donate to give children with brain tumors, our Shining Stars, hope for a brighter future.

2. How to ask

  • Use the email templates in your Participant Center to ask for support and to say thank you. 
  • Ask over the phone, in person or on social media like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Let everyone know that you’re fundraising on behalf of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and tell them why.
  • Customize your fundraising page with a picture or story.

3. Keep up the momentum

Fundraising can have its ups and downs. Keep up the momentum for your fundraising page by talking about it to others, posting on social media, including a link to it your email signature and sending out progress emails. Let everyone know your fundraising goal and how close you are to achieving it. And don’t be scared to ask again people forget to donate and need a reminder!

4. Say thank you

As you would for any gift, say thank you for every donation you get on your fundraising page. No matter the size of the gift, make sure your donors know you appreciate their support.